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Project Description

Orchard module designed to reduce size of output HTML to bare minimum while maintaining same functionality. Faster loading, less bandwidth use.

Output HTML which is in Orchard combined from multiple shapes is often filled with characters which aren't necessary in rendering inside browsers, whitespace, comments, new lines, quotes or even content redundancy like attributes that are implied or optional end tags like </p> or </body>. While these often serve a role in HTML editors, they don't affect how page displays to your users, but they do increase size browsers have to download and parse through.

This module brings functionality of popular Web Markup Minifier to Orchard to strip down all the redundancy.

This is sample results taken on default homepage from Orchard 1.8

Method Original Minified Reduction (%)
Uncompressed 5,588 B 4,627 B 21%
Gzipped 2,395 B 2,167 B 11%

Simply because browsers don't cache HTML, this reduction is applied to every response user receives from the server.

Optional: While minification process is fast and takes around ±4ms to complete, you can reduce this to flat 0ms by using Orchard.OutputCache module (make sure to increase duration of cache to reduce number of recurring minifications).

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